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Safe and affordable housing is a key element for members to achieve independence. The Clubhouse assists members in obtaining housing through local housing assistance programs. In addition to housing throughout the community, the clubhouse manages four apartment complexes, increasing independent living opportunities for our members.

There are many opportunities to meet and socialize with neighbors. There is a community room located in each apartment building, available for residents use. This common area promotes the opportunity for socializing in a friendly environment. A wellness center along with a peaceful and attractive green area, walking trail and a gazebo are also available.

We hold monthly housing meetings for members living independently in the community. These meetings are informational and are a place where people feel supported. In addition to the monthly meeting there is a monthly activity planned by the members.

Housing Assistance

Safe & Affordable
Housing is Key

Promoting Opportunities to Meet & Socialize with Neighbors

In Their Own Words

“I’ve gotten accustomed to living in my community and having my Liberty Centre family close by. We are all within walking distance of each other, yet we have our own space too. We have our monthly gatherings: such as potlucks, meetings, and social activities with our neighbors. It is nice to look out of my window and know I am not alone!”

– A Current Member

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Liberty Centre Services is located in Norfolk, Nebraska. Liberty Centre Services is an organization assisting adults recovering from mental illness with real opportunities to rebuild their lives.


900 E. Norfolk Ave.
Norfolk, NE 68701



General Info: 402-370-3503
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Crisis Prevention: 402-370-4204
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