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We believe in the dignity of work. Work is more than a paycheck; it is an affirmation of self-worth. Employment provides financial independence and purpose while connecting us to our community. Adults with mental illness often face enormous challenges in finding and keeping jobs. Even with skills and the ability to manage symptoms, the stigma of mental illness is a real barrier to gaining employment.

It is important to meet members where they are, whether this is their first job, or they are returning to the workforce. Mental illness has left many of our members riddled with self-doubt and low self-confidence, making it difficult to seek employment.

We are here to help members get on a path to meaningful employment, from wherever their starting point may be.

Clubhouse Volunteer Work

Members can gain useful job skills by volunteering to perform the jobs needed to run our clubhouse.

Transitional Employment

Part-time work at local business with on and off-site support. 

Supported Employment

The support needed to acquire and maintain permanent full or part-time work. Typically, off site support.

The supported employment program is recognized by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) as an approved evidence–based practice. The Clubhouse encourages members to explore employment opportunities with the assistance of a staff member. Liberty Centre has cultivated strong relationships with many local businesses, who are invested in providing real opportunities for members to gain employment.

Real Opportunities

Clubhouse Volunteer,
Transitional & Supported Employment

An Affirmation of Self-Worth

Encouragement, empowerment, and responsibility changes the lives of members as they work alongside each other as peers. Through this process members brush up on their skills and learn new skills; continually communicating and interacting with their peers, creating a natural network of support.

It is through this process that members experience an increase in self-confidence, a strong feeling of accomplishment and a sense of ownership and pride. An example of opportunities for involvement include, data entry, writing newsletter articles, working in the member bank, menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, accounts payable and accounts receivable, serving on the Board of Directors, committee work, and all other areas of the organization.

Liberty Centre is here to help members find their path to meaningful employment, wherever that starting point may be. Initially we take time to understand each person’s employment needs, as well as their employment goals and dreams. As members embark on their journey forward, Liberty Centre remains at their side providing support and encouragement.

Transitional Employment is a unique informal partnership with local businesses, providing real employment opportunities for individuals rebuilding their lives. These opportunities benefit the employer as well as the member.

A staff member from the Clubhouse participates in the employer’s training program. When the initial training is completed, the staff member will ensure the position is filled and provide all future training for the position. The employer is not faced with unexpected absences because our staff will work the position in the event of an absence with no expense to the employer. Initially, employers may be hesitant to participate in the partnership usually due to common misconceptions of mental illness. These perceptions quickly dissipate after the employer experiences the process.

Members who have job experience and want to return to work have the help of our Supported Employment program. We provide guidance in the application and interview process and will help the member with communicating with the employer. Once the member is hired, they perform the job independently, with support available if needed. The amount of support is determined by the member’s need.

In Their Own Words

“I love to give back to the community, by volunteering at the local hospital.”

– A Current Member

Giving Back

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