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Education is the great equalizer to employment opportunities. Returning to school to finish a degree is another desire of adults with mental illness. Liberty Centre has a close relationship with Northeast Community College.

Many of our members receive assistance through the college’s disability support services. The college employees managing those services have extensive experience with Liberty Centre and our members. 

In addition to higher education opportunities, members participate in preparing and presenting educational topics requested by the members for education within the clubhouse. 

Another opportunity available to members is community education. Members and staff give presentations to high school and college students and to the community at large, informing groups about mental illness and sharing their individual journeys with mental illness. This demonstrates what mental illness is and more importantly what it is not.


Higher Education

A Great Equalizer to Employment Opportunities

In Their Own Words

“My community support worker helped me get through college and gave me support with my employment.”

– A Current Member

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Liberty Centre Services is located in Norfolk, Nebraska. Liberty Centre Services is an organization assisting adults recovering from mental illness with real opportunities to rebuild their lives.


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