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Individuals increase their chance of recovery when they view their mental illness separate from their own identity.

The goal of the Clubhouse is to provide real opportunities for people with mental illness. Helping people regain the confidence lost by the devastating effects of the stigma surrounding mental illness, is key to rebuilding their lives.

Encouragement, empowerment, and responsibility are created through the process of working alongside each other as peers. Through this process members brush up on their skills and learn new skills; continually communicating and interacting with their peers, creating a natural network of support. The result is an increased self-confidence, a purpose in life and a sense of belonging.

Clubhouse Goal

Assist & Provide
Real Opportunities

Encouraging, Empowering & Supporting

In Their Own Words

“The clubhouse has helped me build life-long friendships, gain new employment skills and build my confidence.”

– A Current Member

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Liberty Centre Services is located in Norfolk, Nebraska. Liberty Centre Services is an organization assisting adults recovering from mental illness with real opportunities to rebuild their lives.


900 E. Norfolk Ave.
Norfolk, NE 68701


General Info: 402-370-3503
Clubhouse: 402-370-3503
Crisis Prevention: 402-370-4204
Outpatient Therapy: 402-649-9280