The Clubhouse Model

The Clubhouse Model

What is the Clubhouse Model?

Liberty Centre is accredited by Clubhouse International, meaning we follow the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs. The Clubhouse Model is an evidenced-based community approach to the treatment of serious mental illnesses.

Liberty Centre is also accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

The Clubhouse Model complements available psychiatric and medical treatments while focusing less on the clinical side of mental illness, and more on relationships and skill building as critical vehicles for rehabilitation. helping people regain the confidence lost by the stigma of mental illness.


A Philosophy
of Principles & Beliefs

What Every Person Needs to Know

The Clubhouse Model is based on a philosophy containing four basic principles:


Everyone needs to feel connected to a community; thus, the notion of membership is vital.


Everyone needs to know that he or she is expected some place daily on a regular basis.


Everyone needs to feel needed; that his or her presence is important to others.


Everyone needs to believe there is at least one place on the planet where he or she is truly wanted.

Within these four principles are three important beliefs:

Work helps define who we are. Everyone deserves a chance at securing meaningful employment.

Everyone deserves to live in an affordable, decent home.

Adults should be engaged in age appropriate social opportunities.

In Their Own Words

“Liberty Centre is a place I feel I belong. It gives me a sense of purpose.”

– Anonymous

Giving Back

How Can You Help?

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Liberty Centre Services is located in Norfolk, Nebraska. Liberty Centre Services is an organization assisting adults recovering from mental illness with real opportunities to rebuild their lives.


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