About Us

Who Are We?

We have been a part of the Norfolk community for over 30 years, serving individuals ages 19 and older recovering from mental illness and/or substance use disorders.

In an environment filled with hope, each person’s strengths are identified and built upon. It is through the cultivation of their strengths that their weaknesses become less apparent. This process occurs very naturally with peer support playing a key role. The skills and confidence gained through this experience can significantly change the future of people’s lives.

Over the years Liberty Centre Services identified and developed an array of services to help meet each person’s changing needs. Services include:

mental illness recovery assistance

Liberty Centre Clubhouse – Day Rehabilitation, Day Support, Supported Employment, Housing, and Transportation

Crisis Prevention Program – Community Support MH/SA, Intensive Community Services, Emergency Community Support, Recovery Support, Peer Support, Transportation, and Medication Support

Outpatient Therapy Services –  Outpatient therapy

What We Do

We're On A Mission
To Assist Adults

Inspiring Hope & Identifying Strengths

Our Mission

It is the mission of Liberty Centre to assist adults recovering from mental illness with real opportunities to rebuild their lives.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Liberty Centre that people with mental illness are viewed as an asset to their community and respected as co-workers, neighbors, and friends.

Our Purpose

Inspiring hope and creating an expectation of recovery by identifying each person’s strengths and building on them.

Title IV Complaint Form and Procedure


Annual Report

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In Their Own Words

“…Liberty Centre has helped me by building my confidence in who I am as a person with a mental illness and teaching me what that does and doesn’t mean…”

– A Current Member

Giving Back

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Liberty Centre Services is located in Norfolk, Nebraska. Liberty Centre Services is an organization assisting adults recovering from mental illness with real opportunities to rebuild their lives.


900 E. Norfolk Ave.
Norfolk, NE 68701



General Info: 402-370-3503
Clubhouse: 402-370-3503
Crisis Prevention: 402-370-4204
Outpatient Therapy: 402-649-9280