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Liberty Centre Clubhouse
The realization that people with mental illness do recover to lead fulfilling lives continues to fuel the commitment of LCS. There are various opportunities that permeate throughout the Clubhouse; increasing the real opportunities for member involvement in all areas of the organization.  An example of opportunities for involvement include the Board of Directors, all committee work, and all other areas of the organization, (data entry, writing newsletter articles, working in the member bank, menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, accounts payable and accounts receivable).

​When members participate in the clubhouse they not only brush up on their skills and learn new skills, they are continually communicating and interacting with other members and staff. The end result is an increased self-confidence, a strong feeling of accomplishment and a sense of ownership and pride. Members develop their goals and then work with their advisor to assist in identifying the steps toward accomplishing those goals. Members are involved with their monthly progress reports and document their own progress. They may also read the advisor's documentation of their progress. This provides an opportunity for open communication between the member and their advisor.

Clubhouse Connections is a newly developed service designed to conveniently meet the needs of persons connected to our clubhouse. Social media among other creative avenues are used to connect and provide support in a user friendly venue.
It is Liberty Centre's Vision that people with mental illness are viewed as an asset to their community and repected as co-workers, neighbors and friends.

It is the Mission of Liberty Centre to assist adults recovering from mental illness with real opportunites to rebuild their lives.
Transitional Employment    is a unique informal partnership with local businesses; providing real employment opportunities for individuals rebuilding their lives. These opportunities benefit the employer as well as the individual.
A Liberty Centre staff member participates in the employer’s training program for a particular position. When the initial training is completed the Liberty Centre staff member will ensure the position is filled and provide all future training for the position. The employer is not faced with unexpected absences because our staff will work the position in the event of an absence with no expense to the employer.
Initially, employers may be hesitant to participate in this partnership usually due to common misconceptions of mental illness. These perceptions quickly dissipate after the employer meets the individual. Participants are eager to gain more independence through employment and appreciate the opportunity to be employed.
Parent to Parent a Transitional Employment Partner
Community Employers Providing Real Opportunities
Through Transitional Employment!!
Ricardo's                         Northeast Community College     HyVee East

King's Lanes                    Good Life Counseling                  Allied Securities
Bank First                        Parent to Parent                           Bomgaars

Apex Therapy Services    Midtown Health Center               Lunchtime Solutions, Inc

​Double click on the above link to apply for services.           Print form and mail to: Liberty Centre Services
                                  900 East Norfolk Avenue
                       Norfolk, NE 6870

Joel D. Corcoran, Executive Director of Clubhouse International
Presents J Paul McIntosh with the Conrad N Hilton Foundation humanitarian prize medal received by the Clubhouse International for doing extraordinary work to alleviate human suffering.